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Multilingual +Voice

4.54 usd

Becomes your Best Translator!!“What to do if I beome sick in the country where I can’t communicate…..”
“How can I help her/him if a foreign patient evacuated will be seen in the hospital….”
Then, “M-Cube Multilingual Medical Interview System”supports your interpretation.
★For people traveling or living overseas.M3 multilingualize your symptoms when you become sick in the foreign country where you can't communicate.
★For healthcare professionals asking a patient about his/her conditions.M3 multilingualize medical questionnaire for foreign patients.
The System can talk well-used 470 symptoms in nine languages - Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish and Easy Japanese.Mutual translation and talking service are available among these nine languages.
You can use M3 system even in the environment where Internet can't be used because M3 does not require Internet. (Talking service is not available.)
* Please use M3 with your own responsibility. The Provider does not have any legal liability for the problems occurred from the use of M3 system.